Welcome to BLOC for developers

Decentralized cryptocurrency with E-Commerce and automated services solution. BLOC has unfolded and advanced a set of key methods to portray universal and integrated access to act as an alternative or replace the current banking system in regards to the expensive and restricted POS contactless terminals.

BLOC believes that the cryptocurrency era will require a broader development community than just a few leading crypto platforms. For this reason, BLOC is providing an open platform that enables companies to build their own products using BLOC API. It is very easy to integrate BLOC payment into your website/ecommerce/phisical store/application.


Daemon to synchronise the blockchain

BLOCd daemon provides a JSON-RPC interface, allowing it to be controlled locally or remotely which makes it useful for integration with other software or in larger payment systems. Various commands are made available by the API.

SimpleWallet API

Manage one BLOC address

Simplewallet BLOC API allow you to integrate BLOC Payement into e-commerce or physical store to operate the funds and accept deposits using only one address and Payment ID method.

Walletd API

Manage multiple BLOC addresses

BLOC e-commerce solution called BLOC RPC Wallet (Walletd). BLOC RPC Wallet is a HTTP server which provides JSON 2.0 RPC interface for BLOC payment operations and address management.